Envelope making at home

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Envelope making at home

Envelope making at home is an easy and interesting task. You can easily make custom envelopes of your choice with fewer things at home. It can be made from colored or white paper, and you can decorate it as you like. For all the envelope making ideas, you need a few of the things necessary. These are:

•    Computer paper (white or colored)

•    Scissors

•    Glue

•    Optional: Crayons, colored pencils or markers, a ruler and a craft knife

Envelope making at home Steps:

Now let’s get to the steps of making easy handmade envelopes. Do read all the steps before starting.

1.    Selecting a pattern and printing it

You must have in mind the envelope design and the size you want to make. It all depends on whether you are making a greeting card envelope, pop-up card envelope, heart-shaped card envelope or any other. And when printing the best design from Adobe Reader, you must select auto-rotate and choose a paper source to make the best fit.

2.    Color (Optional)

Now you can color the envelope with any color or pattern you like. It is an optional step and you can do as it pleases you. If you are planning to post it, make sure not to color on the area where the return address or the address is to be written.

3.    Cut

Cut out the envelope very carefully. Make sure to cut straight. The envelope fits best with straight corners. You can choose a craft knife or a ruler to cut it professionally.

4.    Fold

. Turn over the envelope by keeping the printed side downwards. Fold the side flaps just right over the black line. Now, fold the bottom flaps right up on the

5.    Glue

Now it is time to unfold the very top flap. Notice carefully where the side flap and bottom flap overlap, you need to out the glue right in that spot. Don’t glue the sides when you unfold the bottom flap. You need to be very neat and careful with the glue as there should be no glue inside the envelope. Or there shouldn’t be any mess either.

6.    Insert the card and seal the envelope

It is the final step where you insert the card or the letter, and seal your envelope after folding it from the top. Seal it with a sticker, glue, or tape. It is all your choice.

You can also use the envelope template to make your envelopes. Envelope template is an easy yet interesting way to work on your amazing envelope making ideas.

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