Legal Envelope Template

The Legal Size envelope template has no United Kingdom Postal Service definition. It is the size of the envelope which is known as legal envelope templatelegal envelope template sales by The UKPS accepts all sizes of envelopes as a letter if they meet the size to requirements as listed in the Digital Multi envelope templateenvelope making at home

Size of Legal Envelope

The legal envelope sales company normally looks at something around 4.25” x 9.5” to be the legal size. Our company gives their customers always best legal flat rate envelope legal envelope templateenvelope making at homein all over the UK. We also provide customized legal envelope size as per customer demand. We also give free legal size envelope template service to our envelope template

Standard legal envelope size

This shape is rectangular to the mailable envelope letter. You can visit, It will need extra postal fees envelope templateenvelope making at home The professional legal size of the envelope template must be in the range of 3 ½” x 5” and 6 ½” x 11”. The small items are not mailed & the items that have unique shapes, that will be paid extra envelope template A Legal size envelope template can be download at for free. We update the envelope template legal size gallery as a daily base. We have the best designer in our studio to create envelope legal size.


Legal-size envelope dimensions

Envelope Size             mm (w x h)                              cm (w x h)

DL                                220 mm x 110 mm                   22 cm x 11 cm

legal envelope templateenvelope making at home

C0                                917 mm x 1297 mm                  91.7 cm x 129.7 cm

legal envelope template

C1                                648 mm x 917 mm                   64.8 cm x 91.7 cm

legal envelope templateenvelope making at home

C2                                458 mm x 648 mm                   45.8 cm x 64.8 cm

legal envelope template

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