Letterheads Envelope Template

The letterhead envelope template is the free vector. Freeenvelopetemplates.co.uk have in their gallery about more than 18000 files. We have also different varieties of free vectors in the form of ai, eps, cdr, SVG vector illustration graphic art design format, you can also visit at freeenvelopetemlates.co.uk by just clicking on it. You can use all formats of business card letterhead envelope template for your personal and commercial use.

Letterhead visiting cards and envelopes

Envelope letterhead template is creating many letterheads and envelopes (vector designs) in our gallery at freeenvelopetemplates.co.uk. We have the latest designs of letterhead envelope templates, which are creating at the daily base in the studio from our excellent and experienced designers that are published daily at freeenvelopetemplates.co.uk. You can also visit our site freeenvelopetemplates.co.uk for letterhead and envelope template free of cast.

We are providing the world’s best letterhead and envelope printing service all over the UK because we know how important letterhead visiting cards and envelopes for big businesses to handle their clients.

Letterhead visiting cards and envelopes

Visiting card letterhead envelope is the main key to a successful business because most of the new clients are comes from, that how much eye-catching and beautiful your visiting card letterhead envelope of your business.

Freeenvelpetemplates.co.uk always trying to give its customers the standard templates, stationery envelopes and can be personalized. The letterhead cards or envelopes must be printed to interrelate with the letterhead.

Let’s get high-quality stationery which our company recommends to the businessman for sending a letterhead template to the professional printer (freeenvelopetemplates.co.uk). Feel free to contact us for any curry or more detail with our Sales Department.

Specifications of Letterhead and Envelope

  • Standard Letterhead size = 8.5″ x 11″.
  • The standard Printing Area on Letterheads, the top 1/2 or bottom 1/2.
  • In addition, the following margins can be applied – 3/8″ margin on the top, 1/4″ margin on the sides and bottom.
  • Regular Envelope size for the envelope is 4.125″ x 9.5″.
  • The standard Printing Area on Envelopes is within the following margins.
  • 3/8″ margin on the top,
  • 3/8″ margin on the sides and
  • 1/4″ margin on the bottom.

The other things which are used to make letterheads or envelopes

  • Letterhead inks
  • Letterhead foil
  • Letterhead stock
  • Envelope inks
  • Envelope foil
  • Envelope stock


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