Christmas Card Envelope Template

Christmas card envelope template: A processor-based system stores different Christmas card envelop in a database. Each Christmas greeting card envelop has a card feature that can have any color from among the first set of colors. The system also stores, in the database, for each stored Christmas card template envelop,

dvd envelope template

DVD Envelope Template   DVD Envelope Template Free. DVD envelope template Free, Printable DVD Envelope Template, a simple DVD label template, Envelope DVD template to organize all that DVD. You can use the DVD Envelope Template to keep safe your DVD, you can make some movies backup copies, or just

big envelope template

Big Envelope Template A big envelope template is an extraordinary option in contrast to going out and purchasing a big envelope. They can be ideal for wedding greeting, Christmas cards, welcoming cards, commemoration (anniversary) cards, and everything in the between. how big is a c5 envelope? how big is a letter

Patterned Envelope Template

Patterned Envelope Template Searching for patterned envelope template to make yourself own? It is a better way to present your products or gift to your audience or receipts with a new way in a dashing way using pattern envelope template. Packing products or gifts in envelope cushion cover pattern made

Letter Size Envelope Template

Letter Size Envelope Template Letter envelope is your first suspension at the mailbox, so have faith it is a good one. Letter size envelope template mark your logo, company colors, tagline and assist brand your letter size envelope & create trust and standard letter envelope size. If you are willing

business reply envelope template

Business Reply Envelope Template How to Create Business Reply Envelopes? Let’s know about digital business. If you are a digital businessman and running your own business, everyone needs to make a business card size envelope template for his business nowadays, how to get new customers. Some of the many types

donation envelope template

Donation Envelope Template A donation envelope template is a substance where a donation, normally in financial value, is set. There are many procedures that a donation envelope may be dispensed depending on the undertaking Couse of collecting funds & the organization to whom the donation will be favorable. It may

Remittance Envelope Template

What is Remittance Envelope Template? Remittance envelope is a complete combination of form and envelope. They are handy tools for promoting political campaigns, donations and collecting money for charity purposes.  Remittance envelope template is quite simple but having some styles on names and colors. The word “Remittance” is derive4d from

Offering Envelope Template

Offering Envelope Template: We have the best offering Envelopes Templates that will help you in crafting your own personalized church offering envelope template. Our unique and stylish designs are eye-catching and also provide you an idea of how our offering envelops will look with designing. These offering envelope templates are

greeting card envelope template

Greeting Card Envelope Template Whether you are looking for invitation greeting cards to send your relatives, friends, and receipts. Then you can create a greeting card envelope by using a greeting card envelope template easily. Get it by downloading from It has become very easy these days to get

Booklet Envelope Template

Booklet Envelope Template We Print out your own Booklet envelope template in the office with these Windows booklet envelope template from The Booklet envelope is excellent for short-run in-house printing. These 6 x 9 booklet envelope template with windows will print on all digital four-color laser printers and toner-based

Pillow Envelope Template

Pillow Envelope Template How to make an envelope template? This is a time to make some fabulous changes to your beautiful living room or bedroom? TO MAKING AN ENVELOPE PILLOW CASE: A pillow-insert or old pillow which you wish to cover up for the new season. A piece of fabric

Envelope Flap Template

Envelope Flap Template: Mostly in the business invitations or sending information, envelope flap is used. Because it is easy to fold and wrap the envelope. The information is hidden because the money or paper is inside the flap of envelope. Now it has become easy to make free envelope flap

legal envelope template

Legal Envelope Template The Legal Size envelope template has no United Kingdom Postal Service definition. It is the size of the envelope which is known as legal envelope template sales by The UKPS accepts all sizes of envelopes as a letter if they meet the size to requirements as

Envelope Die Cut Template

Envelope Die Cut Template In modern days, sending personal information or money is suitable for envelopes. There may be multiple types of envelopes but mostly used is envelope die cut. Due to its easiness in folding and packing, it has become the most popular in the market. Now you don’t

Origami Envelope Template

Origami Envelope Template A quick origami envelope template is a great model to learn. You don’t require any glue, the folding itself will keep the origami envelope secure, although you can use a bit of glue if you want. Any time you don’t have an envelope origami handy, you can

Santa Claus Envelope Template

Santa Claus Envelope Template: We love this simple free Santa Claus envelope template because it is free and it is great for a last-minute printable envelope from Santa Claus. You can print it on any paper but a nice Santa Claus template paper will look more authentic and attractive. If

Cash Budgeting Envelope Template

Cash Budgeting Envelope Template Now it has become more difficult to manage finance and daily expenses. To manage finance issues using cash envelope budgeting has now become very easy. This may be of many colors and themes to deliver it an amazing look. You don’t need to buy this envelope

Envelope Cutting Template

Envelope Cutting Template Envelope cutting template. The envelope is the most frequent item which is used for the purpose packaging product, that is normally made by the very thin substance. For making this we required to keep it in light & compress materials such as card, letter, money or papers

envelope boxes template


A5 Envelope Template


Blank Envelope Template

Cash Envelope Template

Cash Envelope Template

Gift Envelope Template

Gift Envelope Template

Paper Envelope Template

Paper Envelope Template

A1 Envelope Template

A1 Envelope Template

Corporate Envelope Design Template

Corporate Envelope Design Template

Invitation envelope template

Invitation Envelope Template

Christmas Label Template

Christmas Label Template

Envelope Layout

Envelope Layout

Lyreco Label Template

Lyreco Label Template

Label Planet Template

Label Planet Template

Staples Labels Template

Staples Labels Template

Xmas Envelope Template

Xmas Envelope Template


Letterheads Envelope Template

Sample Envelope Template

Sample Envelope Template

Policy Envelope Template

Policy Envelope Template


Interlocking Envelope Template

Corporate Envelope Template

Corporate Envelope Template


Free Envelope templates

Making your own custom envelope is anther way to visiting outside and purchasing them and can save more money. Here you may make custom envelopes like free printable envelope templates, square envelope templates free, card envelope templates free and free business envelope templates with your own desired themes, colors and texts. You may also create your free christmas envelope templates, free wedding envelope templates, wedding invitation envelope design templates and greeting card envelope template free or for any other events or occasions. And more, if you have not enough time to make this free envelope template, just try to download unlimited free envelope templates online any time which are available on our website “”.

If you are a budget manager or money saver then you are interested in making things with your own creativity, then you can make your own envelopes by using our provided free envelope templates. Indeed, it is more easier to make envelopes without knowledge but seeing templates. If you want to know more about envelope creating, kindly keep on reading this article.

What is an Envelope

An envelope is the most commonly used and the oldest packaging item which is normally prepared of very thin material like paper, cards etc. It is needed to keep in light and compact materials like cards, papers, money and many more. If we would like to compare these envelopes we will get in circulation in the past and they were quite different from modern age. Actually, they were found in a clay sphere in the past days. Their purposes were just to molded and make transactions. The history tells us about first use of envelope was made in China to save and send money, later they were used to send gifts to the government officials.

In this era, the paper envelop design has made its own worth in packaging of every products. The importance of Paper Envelope can not be denied. They can used for several purposes and utilized for transporting brochure printing pieces, postcard print items, letter proposals, sending wedding or birthday invitation, keeping money and many more, in this way many types of envelope are emerged. Relying on the usage of envelopes, they are designed with respecting purpose, similarly their uses are different from each other. You can select the envelope box template free which fits your demands.

Some of the most common uses are listed below.

  • Envelopes are used to send private or hidden message with sealed paper confidently no third one can read it.
  • Envelopes may be used for sending formal letter.
  • Envelopes can be use to send wedding, birthday or degree invitations.
  • It can have rebat forms too.
  • These envelopes can contain utility bills inside it.
  • Large Envelopes can be used for keeping resumes or important documents inside it.
  • Envelopes with longer in length may contain corporate documents.
  • Envelopes are used to place destructible documents in the form of padded.

Different Categories of Envelopes

To opt an indesign envelope templates free you should first understand the different categories of free envelope templates. It will let you know which free envelope design templates come upon your requirements and specifications. We at Free Envelope Templates are offering you a wide range of envelope mockup free to meet your requirements.

Here is a list of categories of free envelope templates:

1-Wedding Envelopes:

Wedding is an important event in our routine life. Sending invitations through envelopes make it more joyful. If you are willing to make wedding envelopes then you can make your wedding envelopes with wedding invitation envelope design templates. Your receipts will feel blessing invited by free wedding envelope templates.

2- Printable Envelopes:

Some envelopes are required to be printed in several designs and artworks. There are printable envelope templates free for you to print them with your own requirements. These envelopes are printable with all printers whether it is commercial used or local used.

3- Business Envelopes:

This form of envelope is used for business testimonials like business meeting invitations etc. These are designed in such a way to accommodate all necessary files inside it. These envelopes can be made by yourself by using free business envelope templates.

4- Christmas Envelopes:

Christmas is the most important event in our life. It is a time to enjoy our happiness with our dears. They would feel happy be invited by Christmas Envelopes made with christmas envelope templates free.

5- Post Envelope:

In old ages, the dependency of communication was ruled on posts. They use Post Envelopes for send and receiving information. Just imagine the use of post envelopes in this era will make you shocked. You can make these postal envelope by our provided free post envelope. The layout can be changed free post envelope layout by converting it to your desired specifications. We deliver free post envelope uk for United Kingdom .

6- Gift Card Envelopes:

Our old culture is expanding now of exchanging gifts with each other. Your dears will enjoy your gifts if they are sent in Gift Envelopes. You don’t need to purchase envelopes for gifts because we are offering you free gift card envelope template to make it at home.

7- CD Cover Envelopes:

In modern era, CDs are used widely to save data and send data to each other. It will look beautiful and amazing if they are packed in CD envelopes made with our provided free cd envelope template.

8- Offering Envelopes:

If you are a businessman and looking for enhancing your sales, you can offers your customers with discounts on your products. For discounts, you can have offering envelopes. For this, we provide our clients with free offering envelope template to make offering envelopes. You can edit this with your desired artwork and text on it. 

9- Tea Bag Envelopes:

As you know better tea has attained its worth in our daily life. It is the 2nd most used product in the world. We offer free tea bag envelope template to make tea envelopes by yourself. These envelopes are customizable to make changes in your tea envelopes like text, theme, color and images.

10- Greeting Card Envelopes:

To send greeting invitations to your dears like thank you, good day, or others, for this greeting card envelope template free are designed.

Available Plan Or Printed Envelope Templates

Our selection of ready-made envelopes is overflowing that will contribute an amazing touch to your free envelope templates to print and free vector envelope. Mostly people come to us for asking free envelope printer or free christmas envelope designs and for other events and occasions. They need envelope templates for free printable 5×7 envelope template so that they can make their printed envelope templates by provided envelope printing templates free. A big issue for printing envelopes is resolved by us by publishing our free envelope printing software here they can use free custom envelope printing software for their own envelope print templates free. Different types of envelope templates are published in the market. But we offer several templates free of cost like a9 envelope template free download, a7 envelope liner template free, 5×7 envelope template free, c7 envelope template free, free 8 x 8 envelope template and free envelope template for 4×6 card. These envelope template can be used for any kind of keeping data with different sizes. Free printable envelope size 10 template is commonly used free envelope templates for making any kind of envelope.


Download Free Envelope Templates

We at Free Envelope Templates Co UK are providing envelope templates free of cost. Here you can have and download free envelope printing templates, envelope printing template free, and free envelope design templates. For more, we have designed templates to offer you free designs for envelope free template and envelope design templates. We are the only one in the envelope template market who are providing unique and free envelope template.