Pillow Envelope Template

How to make an envelope template?

This is a time to make some fabulous changes to your beautiful living room or bedroom?


  • A pillow-insert or old pillow which you wish to cover up for the new season.
  • A piece of fabric (Depends on the size which pillow you want to cover up).
  • scissors (edge tool having two crossed pivoting blades)which is the awesome cutter too ever, by the way.
  • You need a cutting mat if you are using a rotary cutter for this purpose.
  • Here you need a sewing machine and thread for the purpose of sewing the piece of fabric.
  • You need iron (It’s optional).

These are the steps of sewing the envelope pillow cover.

envelope pillow instructions.


How to Sew an Envelope Pillow Cover

Here you know the envelope pillow cover pattern free, our company recently got a new designer and decided to cover up some pillows to make them a little more comfortable pillow. We bought two pillow forms from the market and decided to make some envelope pillow cover one piece.

Cheese Pillow Template – Decorative Pillows

There are many cheese pillows in different colors such as

  • Decorative and Throw Pillows
  • Bed and Body Pillows
  • Nursery Decorative Pillows and Poufs
  • Outdoor Pillows
  • Pizza Round Pillows
  • Cream Cheese bagel Throw Pillows
  • Pizza Print Round Pillows
  • Mac and Cheese Pillows
  • Funny round Yellow Cheese Pillows
  • Beer Cheese and Company Throw Pillows
  • Funny I love Cheese Throw Pillows
  • Funny Cheese Pizza Round Pillows
  • Cheeseburger beer Blue throw Pillows
  • etc

Envelope Pillow Pattern

There is different envelope pillow case pattern in pillows world such as

  • Rectangle
  • Crochet
  • Square
  • Cushion Cover
  • Simple
  • Tutorial
  • Sewing Style
  • Easy Touch

Different Types of Envelope Pillows Cases

envelope back pillow

heart pillow template

travel pillow template

pillow case template

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